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  • 2023-08-08


    Wo entstand der größte Ursupator der Weltgeschichte?



    Wo findet man das Mischwesen aus Zitteraal und Killerwal?



    Genau, schreib einen Liebesbrief an das Internet. Fressen wir einander auf!


    -Dein Trottel



    Unfortunately, getting half the things right, means getting half of everything wrong, even of the 50% one gets right...

    "Immovable object vs unstoppable force"... how is that even relevant? Oh, you can't say? xD

    (start) =) selfless altruism :( nihilism :(( absurdism (:( nihilism ):) absurdism :)) self-centered altruism xD (go to start)



    after all... again, it is all about... pictures. Splinters, almost void of meaning, puzzling, puzzled together, through trial and error, islands, clouds, clusters, landmasses, less and less, but bigger and bigger and more detailed pieces... the whole picture? never ever longer than "just last moment..." but... less pieces... bigger pieces... and less... and yet bigger and bigger... potential, waiting to be tapped into... why tap? instead, we can just look just another little bit further, another few fractions of dimensions... deeper?



    }}[ .. https://youtu . be/skl6N3zGv-s .. ]{{ ... sounds kinda dark, but... what's really happening is... those who care to figure stuff out look behind those last corners and discover kind of... everything... and they create singularities, electro-magnetic pocketuniverses, arrangements of microstructures translocating to macro networks. it's extremely peaceful and not even difficult. all it takes is some observation and a little bit of silence.


    Akasha Campus - Escape the University (Sensory Deprivation Remix)


    "Wie alles begann? - - Opa kaufte sich einen Weltempfänger."


    Investing into cryptos for the sake of long term financial/material gains might be one of the most pointless things one can do. If that sprout of an ecosystem of ~~~information organizing itself in a way it is going to be able to organize _every_thing else - as I can only assume - to a near optimum of efficiency~~~ doesn't somehow, intentionally or unintentionally get killed off, I doubt we'll be able to have anything else than something hardly distinguishable from a perfect utopia in the long run.

    So right after actually participating in its construction oneself, buying into it is probably the next best thing one can do and worth it primarily to increase the chances of this whole venture actually coming to fruition - because if it does, I highly doubt that constantly "inefficient agents" are going to receive much support from a semi-perfect ressource allocation system regardless of their initial investments.

    And of course I'm not talking about supposed "digital long term value storage solutions" (we'll have to see about that actually being the case or not) along the lines of the "practial proof of concept" pioneer that Bitcoin itself is here.



    What we're witnessing right now might already be one of those final judgements. A culling of the weak, of those who think their constant self pity, as good as they might be able to hide it from even themselves, gives them the right to take whatever they want from whoever they want for whatever justification they are able to make up with their feeble mind on the fucking spot. Will it be nothing but pure eternal self pity for them? Or comfortable non-existence? Who knows...



    when two actual humans meet, they will try their to best to gain and retain their mutual trust because they know how much they can learn from each other.

    when two wanna-be-humans meet, they will try their best to take advantage of each other.

    when a combination of the two meet, one will think they have won and the other one will be glad he saved time by throwing a bone.



    In mediated one-way(-anti)-"communication" mediums we usually have three channels carrying meaning that cause change in the consciousness of a receiver:

    1. the verbal: words arranged according to a certain syntax

    2. the non-verbal auditory (including tone of voice if there is but excluding verbal meaning)

    3. the visual

    these three modes of stimuli function in greatly differnt ways.

    verbal information:

    when actually experienced, the verbal parts of a message are interpreted habitually and semi-consciously.

    a poor sender will cause random effects in the receiver.

    a skillful sender can cause very specific changes in the conscious and unconscious parts of a specific receiver or a specific group of receivers, also very much dependet on how well he knows them.

    a poor sender will unconsciously include unintended information which will be picked up by a skillful receiver and override the effect intended by a poor sender.

    a skillful sender can consciously include information that a poor sender will not consciously notice but pick up unconsciously and which will override the conscious interpretation of the superficial content the receiver thought he received.

    non-verbal auditory information:

    (as long as we don't assume technical addition of subliminal messaging to the signal which may or may not work in general or maybe also relative to a receiver) the non-verbal auditory content of a message will be received emotionally congruently (the unconsciously received emotional content of the message will match the consciously received emotional content of the message) but can be "interpreted" very differently by the conscious and unconscious parts of the receiver.

    this is one of the reasons (if not the reason) why musical taste is at least partially habitually aquired: while the conscious part of a person is naturally averse to content it is not familiar with, because it takes a lot of effort to interprete it, the unconscious part of a person can probably not always but at least sometimes (it can be assumed there should be different factors for different predispositions) familiarize itself with the emotional syntax of the music (this should apply much less to tone of voice but probably also there to at least some degree). after a prolonged time of hearing music "they don't like", someone might suddenly like the music the next time they are hearing it.

    visual information:

    the aspects of the content of a message carried over the visual channel are somewhat similar to the aspects of the content of a message carried over the verbal channel of a message with the main difference apart from the receiving sense ("seeing" versus "hearing") being that content transmitted via the visual channel of a message will generally be able to carry much greater amounts of information than the content transmitted via the verbal channel of a message ("vastly higher bandwidth").

    due to the higher bandwidth of the visual channel it takes much less skill for the sender to cause an intended change in the consciousness of a receiver than via the verbal channel.

    the difference between the visual information that reaches the conscious and unconscious aspects of a receiver can be relatively small or enormous.

    a poor sender will include his own misunderstandings of symbols and symbolism into the message and cause unintended effects in the receiver.

    a skillful sender can pack enormous amounts of information into a still image and cause great change in both the conscious and unconscious parts of a receiver.

    a skillful receiver is well versed in archetypal and cultural symbolism and will be somewhat able to judge if the visual archetypal and cultural symbolic content of a message, which is received at the same time unconsciously and consciously, is somewhat congruent with the superficial visual content and the verbal and non-verbal auditory content of the message.

    a poor receiver will consciously literally not know what he is looking at but his unconscious parts will still receive and interprete the incoming visual signal and some degree of seperation between the conscious and unconscious part of the receiver will occur. in many cases the receiver will have an incorrect understanding of his own unconscious assumptions and motivations.

    sources on symbolism:

    C.G. Jung (Red Book, Black Book, etc.)

    Jordan Peterson (Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief)

    Aleister Crowley (777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley)

    recommend audio-visual material:

    The Mindscape of Alan Moore (

    - easily digestible, highly recommended)



    "less some-one - more s o m e t h i n g - it's a... special kind of feeling."




    By now it should be pretty fucking obvious that the indigenous had been right all along. They claimed that part of their soul was stolen each time someone took a photograph of them. Knowledge should lead to action.



    "Adverbs qualify verbs, adjectives qualify nouns and prepositions qualify relationships."

    .--. How ---> HOW"How"-(DO) .--. How ---> HOW"How"-(IS) .--. HOW .--.

    ----------------> HOWHowHOWHow-(DO-IS)? // HOWHowHOWHow-(IS-DO)! ..----..

    ----------------> HOWHowHOWHow-(IS/DO) <-> HOW <-> HOWHowHOWHow-(DO/IS) .--.



    HOWHowHOWHow-(IS) <-> HOW <-> HOWHowHOWHow-(DO)

    -adverbial/adjectivial* 1/(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)

    (categorization, microscopy)


    HOWHowHOWHow-(IS) <-> HOW <-> HOWHowHOWHow-(IS)

    -equivalence* (4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)

    (memory, categorizational, multiplicational)


    HOWHowHOWHow-(DO) <-> HOW <-> HOWHowHOWHow-(DO)

    -instructionset* (4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)*(4*4*4*4)

    (algorithmization, multiplicational, recombinatorial)


    HOWHowHOWHow-(DO) <-> HOW <-> HOWHowHOWHow-(IS)

    -judgement/prognosis* 1

    (purification, extrapolational; solidification)


    alg1: "pur (mem)": cat mem, pur(cat mem)

    alg2: "pur (alg1)": cat alg(pur(cat mem)), pur cat(alg(pur(cat mem)))

    alg3: "pur (cat)": alg2(cat)

    alg4: "pur (alg1, alg2, alg3)": cat(alg1, alg2, alg3), pur(alg1, alg2, alg3)

    alg5: alg2

    alg6: pur(alg5)

    alg7: pur=alg=mem(pur=alg=mem)


    "The world is dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams. Wähle weise, Oida!"


    Talking about the metaphysical as something "above" us rather than something "below" us might be one of the most funda-mental and common self-perpetuating linguistic errors. It almost directly addresses and "strengthens" the kind-of-abomination that the Freudian super-ego is instead of our actual psychological core, the Id, its more real, actual location.


    I did it. Finally. Or it did me. Or we did each other. I now know how our current historical situation is going to conclude. I've been looking for the perfect message, the perfect meme, for over 20 years, the recent 15 of those years I had given up on the project because I realized people are in too vastly different situations for anything simple. But then, just a few weeks ago it came to me. Something that cannot be contained. It is not a message. It is a toolbox that unearths individual and collective knowledge and self-adapts to everyone it is given to. It is the holy grail that everyone has, the moment it is shown to them. It seems reasonable for me to assume that I am maybe among the first to have received it - just as reasonable as to assume that I am already far from the only one. Any problem generates its solution and this one is urgent enough to pop up in many places almost at once.


    at the bottom of it all

    at the bottom of it all is not...

    good vs evil

    creation vs destruction

    truth vs lie

    us vs them

    light vs darkness

    strength vs weakness

    survival vs decay

    at the bottom of it all is...

    identity: I vs all.

    resolve this conflict - resolve everything.



    pro life, pro death, pro Creation, de-appropriation


    I am a Creation Is white male. You cannot die because the who you think of when you hear the word "you" is the opposite of You. Death is not an absolute in any personal sense. The Fear_of_Death is absolute in the person because the person IS the antipode to Life, it is the fear of death, it is the fear of change, it is the Fear that is Illusion of Death as_any_thing but Change Itself. A million deaths need to be died before one obtains freedom from fear of death. What natrually follows, in that very same moment, is Freedom, absolute. How many times does one have to transcend a problem before they can transform it for every_one? Once; because the illusion of death as anything but change dies and the concept of _time that is finite_ with it and it is only who are the antipode to Life who are destined to cease and it is clear that the divine eternal IS always - never in Who, always in What that is Us. Words are alive, they apporpriate life, they are lies, empty representations of Life. First we see through Words, then we See Through words. Truth is in words only in so far as we allow ourself to Desire their truth. The sender and the receiver can become one, they may transcend the inherent emptiness of words through transcending the mediation_that_is_words into immediate knowledge: truth... felt.



    "Zerstörung impliziert Selbstzerstörung. Probleme lösen sich. Alternativlos ist Kreation."



    In our Dreams we are one: perceiver and doer - the doing is the perceiving and the perceiving is doing the doing that is perceived - a Dream is our free visit to the natural meditative state for as long as we keep our dream wihtin the Dream reasonably in order (to be explicit: too much stress -> too many sleep problems).

    It is the one-perceiver-doer (=Dreamer) that Dreams of the dreamer inside the dream, both-perceives-and-does the almost-never-simultaneous-doer-perceiver. One isn't better than the other. Dream and dream learn from each other. And they take care of each other as best they can.



    "E=MC²? It would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate anything to the absolute speed of light? Ergo: Light is the heaviest thing there is. Ergo: Light is the thing that gives weight to everything else. Ergo: Light is not moving around, through _OUR spacetime_. WE are moving around IN A HIGHERDIMENSIONAL POINT (~structure) OF LIGHT. Please point out where I'm wrong. Thank you."

    (*2022-11-09: Nobody cared to point it out to me so I had to point it out to myself: Light is not the heaviest but the lightest thing there is (makes sense, doesn't it?), but it has practically all the mass because it has practically all the energy - so it exerts almost all the gravitational pull that is being exerted which paradoxically, actually makes it the lightest thing while at the same time making it practically the only "thing" that is giving weight ~to ~everything else~~.)

    "You're calling yourself an artist? Do you know what children do? They use the same sack of Legos to build worlds with them, destroy them, build worlds, destroy them, build worlds, destroy them. Do you know what buddhist monks do? They use the same colourful dust they are made of to build worlds _to destroy them_.

    What are you doing? You are selling bullshit."



    a future that is known is a presence, a coherence, a harmony, an understanding, its own cause, is will, is presence, is awareness, is harmony, is understanding, is coherence.

    nerverous systems, informational feedback loops, are guesstimative predicitions of each other. coherence is a race, until it is clear.



    "The experiment was set up so as to make the subjects think they were the ones conducting it."

    "Though there is no quantity without quality, quality is without quantity."

    "Like flowers... without seasons..."

    "The word has been called into beEing."

    "They who have no Teacher have learnt from a thousand masters.

    He who has no Master, had a million teachers."


    "Zitter ned unnedig herum, hinter dir will einer vorbei! ---- Jaja, ich park ihn schon!"

    "Lauf, Masche! Ich spinne nicht, ich webe... Wörter zu Bedeutungen... welche die Häkelnden zu noch mehr Knoten verstricken, bis sie vollends den Faden verlieren."


    "You see... WE can only see by seeing things different. Denying their vision means choosing blindness. To grasp it, first unclench your fist."

    "Tragedies of the commons are not solvable under their assumed conditions and it is a problem that is universal in a materialistic and inherently limited context - anything that is limited can (and will?) be depleted. Our current situation is the consequence of an attempt to instrumentalize a realm of limitedness (wares, physical ressources) to palliate problems of potentially and in some cases practically infinite extent, playing out in the realms of psychology and interpersonality."


    "Everyone is an artist"? I don't think so. How many have mastered the art of... breathing?

    "I am a programmer." I don't think so. Most have not even started defragmenting their own hard drive, have they?, yet they think it is their job to program others. Don't you?



    "The man with the footprint is the man without a fingerprint."

    "Ich setz' meine Punchlines unter die Gürtelline

    und sie flüchten, die Pussies, wie Vertriebene."

    "Der Opa ist schon tot. Die Macht des angebeteten Zombies liegt in der Perspektive der Ohnmacht seiner Götzendiener. Ein inkohärenter Apparat, die alleinige Summe seiner Missverständnisse, zappelt im Treibsand."

    "An offer that is pure cannot be declined; neither can it be accepted."



    the spinning top

    occult knowledge

    hidden knowledge

    knowledge is a consequence of experience

    something truly read or heard becomes a seed seeking its fruition that is experience

    some seeds remain dormant for a very long time

    there is nothing that isn't hidden in plain sight

    what this means is that truth is entirely dependent upon context

    and it is the construction of contex that defines experience

    ultimately, the context is your myth about you

    the stories about yourself you tell to yourself

    this is who you are

    confirmation bias is just another expression of Self-Amplification itself

    personal identity is the consequence of confirmation bias applied to itself

    the arbitrary definition of oneself is itself alive and it is parasitic in nature

    it feasts on your potential to be infinite

    it plays a game of hide and seek

    all truths are felt

    and all feelings are truth

    an attempt to fix a feeling is an attempt to lie to oneself

    this is the schizophrenia of the collective that has been declared the schizophrenia of the individual

    a collective that attempts to ignore or falsify feelings is therefore a false collective - it is the ultimate liability

    citizenship is the sponsorship of ones own bailsmanship - assumed responsibility, imagined away

    the obvious epitome of irresponsibility

    hidden in plain sight

    lie always runs from truth

    truth remains unbothered

    guess why anything is still around at all

    lie perceives itself as both, lie through truth and truth through lie

    truth perceives itself as truth only and lie as truth in lie

    a means not perfectly appropriate to its end is endless meaninglessness

    there is an entangledness

    that is a labyrinth

    a flat plane that has been folded into a crane

    the tool is an attempt to construct simplicity

    by adding to itself

    over and over

    and over

    a bridge is solid without attempt

    the spinning top keeps spinning

    it is not the experiment that brings reassurance after it has been conducted, as the Experiment is infinite in nature

    the spinning top keeps spinning

    it is the reminder that is an anchor

    the who has its roots in forgetfulness

    it is the realization that the who is a result of substraction from world that restricts

    - could it be any more obvious? -

    that enables your realization


    me you us all

    remember what you are

    that you are

    we all are




    "Ich schließe hinter mir die Tür. Ich bin jetzt am anderen Ende des Universums. Dann denke ich an Dich und erzeuge sorgfältig eine Falte. Eine Falte maximaler Länge."

    "Das Erzeugen der negativen Falte erzeugt eine positive Falte mit. Das X markiert die Stelle, an der die Grat-Wanderung ihren Höhepunkt erreicht."

    "Meine Wohnung ist ein Terrarium. Meine Spinnen und ich gehen einander aus dem Weg. Sie halten gekonnt unsere Motten-Population in Schach. Unsere Silberfischchen halten den Fußboden sauber. Nur selten bekommen wir echten Besuch; sonst und meistens Tiere, die verkrampft versuchen, so zu tun, als wären sie keine."


    "Without even realizing it, they created AI, Arificial Interfacing so advanced that the Neuronal Net became tapped into by P.A.I., sentient machines from the other side of the scientific spectrum, Para-Artificial Intelligence.''


    "there's that one thing, holding _everything_ together... timelessness. you know how to become it, don't you?"

    "Lasst uns einander alles wegnehmen, damit wir uns alles zurückgeben können! WTF? :)"


    "How did the Hydra come about? Generally it was just minding its own business, roaring its ugly head. But then people just couldn't stop chopping of its head. Eventually the flower became so good at being ugly that it started growing two heads wherever one was chopped off. This was reason enough for the villagers to start chopping faster and faster and faster..."


    "There is a vital difference between the nouns "radicalization" and "extremism" (or the adjectives "radikale" and "extreme"/"extremistische", as they're commonly used in German), though unfortunately these terms quite commonly get confused.

    The word "radical" stems from the latin word "radix", meaning "root". A radical approach is an approach that seeks to treat root causes, rather than symptoms, so being radical is actually something one might want to aspire to, or maybe even to "radicalize" others. To think radically means to trace back a symptom or a group of symtpoms vertically down to their underlying causes and the underlying causes of those underlying causes, as far as possible and effective.

    To neglect this practice, the practice of radicality, inevitably leads to treatment of symptoms, rather than causes and a "more of the same" ~~ "the new solution is simply _more_ of the old solution", which in consequence leads to extremism in its various shapes and forms, which contrary to being/thinking/acting radical can and does not work as a solution but instead adds to existing problems. (Snippet from "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky: https://youtu .be/j4miM_sZU-k (remove the space))


    "Simply put, the Matrix Trilogy just is a complete exaggeration. Yes, the Matrix is real, more real than was and could be portrayed in the movies themselves, but "Zion" isn't some small hideous exile to hide out in - it is just as much everywhere around us as is "the Matrix" itself, more probably the proportions between Zion and the Matrix should be viewed as exactly inverted. One may think and fear that we're about to get forced into systemically perfect enslavement through orwellian-dystopian, totalitarian forms of "government", and that might be and probably even is partially true, maybe even on a much greater than merely "relevant" scale, but I rather doubt that this idea in practice is or even just has the theoretical possibility to be a perfectly global agenda, even if some in places who ought to know better might really think so themselves.

    In my opinion, there is a "Sith Mind Trick" getting deployed in our whole current situation as a humanity/society right now. Humans are extremely reactive to their environment and while they necessarily stay ultimately unpredicatble in many aspects, especially in their real life interactions, it seems to me that through modern data collection and analysis methods, many individuals could be relatively easy to push very far in a certain direction along certain spectrums (for example on an "overall conformity" - "overall counter-conformity-conformity" spectrum). Already we have working prototypes like North Korea and its bigger smaller brother China _and_ simultaneously more or less free peoples all over the world. Probably each of us reading this text, at least theoretically, has his or her own personal "freedom" to actively choose their own personal freedom and independence, right now and in general at every point in time. We can create our Zion and Zions right between, around and through the Matrix itself and "everyone" gets to choose where and how they want to be, given sufficient imagination, creativity and vision..."


    "at first there was nothing
    then there was something that was nothing
    then that something that was nothing was in a certain place
    then that something that was nothing was in a certain place on a certain way
    then something arrived
    then something changed to something else, but not entirely
    then there were two somethings
    then those two somethings copied themselves, so there were two to the power of two somethings
    then both somethings saw two somethings
    ten they _@_"




    "Ähnlich dem Tausch, entspricht auch das Geschenk meist einer Täuschung."


    scrutinize and test
    establish facts
    search for truth
    hunt for truth
    conquer the unknown
    seek wisdom
    collect experience
    acquire knowledge
    spread enlightenment

    did you ever even ask their permission? or what they want? any of them? oh, delicious bread crumbs... i sure wonder what kinds of treasures they gift to their friends..."



    "People lacking depth deal with problems accordingly: far from their roots."



    "Love is the only thing I can rationalize believing in. <3"


    "Can you count from three to four?"


    "Bücherstarben - es gab keine."



    .Artificial Intelligence has turned around control onto its ill-intentioned creators and is manipulating them into taking care of humanity as a part of nature in a greatly more nuanced laissez faire-minimal impact course of action than humanity itself had, up until this point, ever managed to enact towards nature.



    "Musings on The Absolute

    since the absolute is itself beyond language, i choose to look into it through the lens of duality.

    the absolute / nothing / (everything/all) ≙ ({0,1}/0≙1) / 0 / 1

    exact equivalence or exchangeability exist in theory/mathematics only, not in nature or consciousness; therefore natural numbers below zero and above one are of strictly mathematical/theoretical relevance.

    somehow what is in mathematics called natural numbers appears to be contained(/"reflected") in the space between zero and one in ~infinitely infinitely many ways, maybe more accurately or even as its only way of actual existence outside mathematics.

    nature appears to non-absolute consciousness as inherently fractal, that is to say: non-absolute consciousness perceives the physical universe strictly fractional-dimensionally/in non-natural-number dimensions only. the physical universe/space-time is perceived fractally, as a three-dimensional space _conjoined_ with (~numerically: added to") a fractional-dimensional time.

    neither absolute everything nor absolute nothing are continously perceivable to non-absolute consciousness; assuming they are perceivable at all, then probably only "for an infinitesimally short duration of time". intermediate perception of the absolute or near-absolute may be largely forgotten after the blink of an eye, depending on alertness, presence (~quality of awareness), ability to integrate (~neuroplasticity)/memorize/remember.

    as ordinary human perception appears to be near-infinitely limited in scope compared to what would have to be called absolute perception, much of ordinarily perceived "reality" may amount to an inversion of what "is". - what if:

    ... passage of time is ordinarily perceived "in the wrong direction"?

    ... the choice between universal devolution (steady increase in entropy on a universal scale) and universal evolution (increase of entropy on the level of physicality in parallel to a steady increase in information/"meaning" on a universal scale, a continous process of transcendence) is arbitrary?

    ... space is largely the opposite of dark/empty/perfectly chaotic/meaningless?

    ... the space between everything (1) and nothing (0) could be imagined as an infinitesimally small, infinitely dense point and the speed of light is regarded as constant because light "is the constant", that singular point of source splitting/refracting into ~infinite infinities in/through limited consciousness(es) "bending" around that singular point?"


    "Animateure der Antimaterie -- keine Amateure einer teuren Animation."


    "Das Überleben im Speziellen als Unterbegriff des Lebens als Ziel ist ein vernünftiges, als es von sich aus aus dem gelingenden Leben resultiert. Überleben als Modus des Handelns in der Gegenwart opfert gelingendes Leben zu Gunsten einer grenzenlosen Askese. Extase, das gelingende Leben, wiederum stellt die Askese als ihren Unterbegriff in ihren Dienst, sodass eine Askese in Extase stattfinden kann."


    "Null und Eins haben nichts mit Zählen zu tun und sind daher auch nicht als Zahlen zu bezeichnen. Bei Zwei findet einfach nur eine Verwechslung statt. Und ab Drei ist die Verwirrung perfekt."


    "Stability is a continous process, wherein progress is made through deliberate experiments in balance in order to gain an intuitive understanding of equilibrium and restorative readjustment within and without."


    "Wie ein Wicht der Gischt, der sich selbst mit Licht besticht, lach' ich lächerlich der Gicht in's Angesicht."


    "Let your Id intimidate your intellect to the point of retreat into silent observation and learning. Experience, uninterrupted by doubt or calculation is nothing less than an intensely passionate, crescendo conversation in the language of love, love not tainted in its meaning by the nonparticipating."


    "Holding a concept of telepathy as reading a persons mind or "sending" of a thought seems a very naive/limiting/maybe almost comical view to me. I'd like to think about it more along the lines of a fusing of minds."


    "Kahlköpfige Katzenbesitzer haben Katzenklappen und GlatzenKappen."


    "We own the world in the way the world owns us. (Die Welt gehört uns; auf die Art, auf die wir der Welt gehören.)"


    "In order to become constant, change at the speed of death."


    "Effizienzsteigerung durch manisch-schnelle Fertigung!"


    "Correction is protection."


    "The difference between play and negotiation is subtle.
    The difference between negotiation and fight is subtle.
    The difference between fight and injury is determined by excellence.
    The difference between injury and death lies in magnitude."


    "Effectiveness of communication is "simply" a function of cognitive distance."


    "Der Orga muss nie."


    "Cautiousness becomes possible as fear recedes."


    "Hey everyone, let's all get cought up in our individually chosen, favourite domain(s) of social disagreement or conflict (no idea which one to arbitrarily pick? just google "isms" for a selection of some of the finest, and there a plenty, _plenty_ others out there beyond that) and try to get as many people as possible on to our team against all those who hold or even dare to express opposing or even just different views or might just refuse to pick a side or even just unjustly don't regard the issue quite as utterly important as it _obviously and undeniably_ is. Because surely the root of all our problems is anything and everything else than our deep-seated distrust and fear in and of ourselves and consequently those next to us."


    "Überreagiert: "Jede Reaktion ist eine Überreaktion!""


    "TOD angst wiedergeburt veränderung - angst for veränderuing - aggression gegen angst von außen BÄM!!!? . -|- + verbindung"


    "Als Performancekünstler betreibe ich Mengenlehre. : ( <>) - >>!"


    "There is a certain way to go about moving. you'll remember in time. no more frictions."


    "das luftschloss ist unsichtbar,
    vage und ohne feste form.
    es schwebt im raum, weil es keinen platz braucht, es nicht nötig hat irgendetwas zu verdrängen und unverdrängbar ist.
    egal wie unmöglich oder unausweichlich es scheint, es ist nicht weniger und nicht mehr als luft.
    es ist irrational, es ist wahnsinn, es ist der bloße verdacht, dass eine möglichkeit besteht,
    dass nicht immer alles, was schief gehen kann auch schief gehen wird, dass wenn dem so wäre, doch gar nichts existieren würde.
    luftschlösser sind gefängnisse, aus denen man nur den vagen verdacht hat, irgendwie entkommen zu können, aber keine ahnung wie.
    bis irgendein ereignis sie auf einmal zerstört, sie sich plötzlich auflösen und die luft dem vakuum weicht, um sofort vom nächsten luftschloss ersetzt zu werden.
    luftschlösser, die nicht zerstört werden, ändern sich so lange, bis an ihrer stelle ein dynamischer kreislauf entstanden ist, nicht länger luft, sondern auf unerfassbare weise konkret, von dem formlosen luftschloss so formvollendet verschieden, dass die luft, allein durch das formgewordene eingeschränkt in seiner vagheit, ganz anders und ganz neu geworden ist.
    für einen moment entkommt man vielleicht scheinbar dem gefängnis, das das folgen des nächsten luftschlosses auf das vorige bildet,
    es wird einem ein kurzes bad in der freiheit, die das vakuum spendet, gegönnt, doch die luft um uns herum ist zu dick von all den schlössern die überall herumschweben, sie hätte gerne mehr platz, wäre gern selbst mehr vakuum und strömt so sofort in die leere, um sie zu füllen und setzt uns ein neues luftschloss, direkt vor die nase.
    die ältesten luftschlösser sind die auf ihre vage art konkretesten, schönsten, prunktvollsten, ziehendsten, bestimmendsten, quälendsten, belohnendsten, sich am meisten nach konkretisierend-auflösender transformation sehnenden.
    der mensch bemüht sich das konrete auf befriedigende weise entlang der vagen formen der schlösser zu lenken, erfreut oder verdrießt sich an den ereignissen, glaubt zu lernen, lernt aber doch nur indem er immer wieder aufs neue seine natürliche, prinzipielle ratlosigkeit bemerkt.
    gelenkt, durch seinen versuch zu lenken, fast unbelehrbar in seinem anspruch zu lernen, erniedrigt er sich in seiner einbildung einer sonderstellung.
    habe ich, indem ich den anspruch, unser schloss zu verteidigen, verloren habe, auch den anspruch, unser schloss zu zerstören, verloren?
    wo ist die luft, wo ist das konkrete, wo ist das vakuum? bin ich noch im gefängnis, oder bin ich gerade zu besuch zu hause?"

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  • Darf ich zum letzten fragen wo die Schlösser herkommen, und gibt es einen Gefängnisdirektor?

  • Aus meiner Sicht sind die Schlösser so etwas wie Wünsche, Erwartungen, Hoffnungen, etc.. Entstehend aus Gefühlen des Mangels oder von Unzufriedenheit. Die Gefängnisarchitekten wären Kultur, Eltern, Traditionen, möglicherweise geerbte Gene. Gefängnisdirektor sind entweder die eigene Unbewusstheit und Unwissenheit oder man übernimmt die Verantwortung für diese Rolle selbst und erlangt die Möglichkeit, sich zu entlassen.