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    Meine Meinung zu dem Thema ist, dass hier über Hypothesen gesprochen wird, also könnte man deren Wahrscheinlichkeit einigermaßen gut einschätzen... ich hätt nichts dagegen, dass einer der beiden oder beide wieder posten, wenn beide wieder posten gehe ich aber zumindest eher davon aus, dass wir eine Wiederholung erleben werden; aber natürlich muss das nicht so sein - und vielleicht kommt sowieso nur einer zurück...

    an die ganzen leute, die am liebsten "die ganzen nazis" (anti-maßnahmen/anti-impf-demonstranten) zwangsimpfen würden und ohne es selbst zu merken sich damit als die wahren nazis geoutet haben...

    jetzt ist es wohl zumindest in dieser hinsicht wirklich an der zeit in die wirklichkeit zurückzukehren. man ist da generell in besserer gesellschaft als in den geteilten halluzinationen der eisernen verfechter des status quo - wenn auch vielleicht etwas einsamer, aber ich bin der meinung qualität über quantität. falls der inhalt dieses fast 1 monat alten videos für jemanden neu ist: eigenartig, wie kann das nur sein? ist wohl entweder nicht wichtig genug, oder passt "nicht gut genug" in das bild, das die fast weltweite impf-propaganda-maschine in die hirne meiner schätzung nach ca. 50% der leute gefickt hat. ich selbst habe es fast zufällig vor ca. 2 wochen gefunden: der youtube algorithmus hat es mir vorgeschlafgen, vermutlich da ich zu dem thema corona-impfung in der vergangenheit wirklich viel recherchiert hatte.

    Is there a reason why you are writing in English on a German board?

    Ist it because English is your native language, or are you posting the same text all over the net in various (mostly English speaking) boards? ;)

    Texte entstehen in meinem Kopf entweder auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch. Generell entstehen Texte, welche sich eher an ein anonymes, breites Publikum richten in meinem Kopf auf Englisch, ich denke dann während des Schreibens auch in Englisch in meinem Kopf und es findet in dem Sinn nicht einmal eine Übersetzung vom Deutschen ins Englische statt, da von Anfang an bereits alles Englisch ist; und Texte, welche sich eher an ein eher lokales/mir bekanntes Publikum oder konkrete Menschen, mit denen ich tatsächlich persönlich in Beziehung stehe richten, entstehen eher auf Deutsch.

    Es kann bis zu einem gewissen Grad relativ anstrengend für mich sein, solche Texte zu schreiben, es hat ein bisschen etwas "Geburtshaftes" und fast keine meiner Text bisher im Nachhinein noch zusätzlich extra vom E in's D oder vom D in das E übersetzt, da das noch viel anstrengender für mich wäre.

    Ich weiß natürlich nicht, wie willkommen englische Texte hier sind, vor allem plötzlich "random" in ansonsten deutschen Threads auftauchend. ;) Ich nehme mal an, dass das momentan noch niemand weiß.

    Dann nekromantiere ich mal diesen alten Thread. Habe mich heute genötigt gefühlt, einen Text zu schreiben und der passt thematisch gut hier rein. :)

    the problem with loyalty

    as most things, the problem of false loyalty is rooted in identity.

    as i have become quite professional in the business of utilization of "free online dating" for personal gain I've come across probably thousands of profiles of women and the most consistent theme after food and holidays in them is _feminism_, long before any other sub-genres of modern leftist activism.

    today i sat in a tree in a meadow, four meters above the ground, smoking a small one ("high werden auf gehobenem niveau"). the sun shone into my face... DER baum, DAS blatt, DIE wurzel, DIE krone, DER stamm, DER ast... this is very simple. so simple that it will appear as meaningless to most people, but to me it is meaningful, because even if nothing is meaningful in and of itself, it made me realize a few things which... and because it is based on "tree". It might be complete bogus but might as well not - that is up to you to decide for yourself.

    modern pseudo-feminism is pseudo because it sides with women as opposed to siding with humans at large. i've long held the position that feminism is really just a less comprehensive and intentionally more short-sighted form of humanism, but "the tree thing" seemed to play into some other thoughts i've been toying for a shorter while with:

    a regularity, a "rightness" on one level might find an inverted kind of expression on a lower level, which i suspect more often than not has to do with ones own incomplete understanding of whatever one is concerned with. according to the I Ching, the masculine principle, the force, the heaven, is the first of 64 hexagrams and the female principle, the field, the earth, is the second hexagram. in other words, what the i ching describes as "the divine masculine" is the shapeless that gives shape, while what it describes as "the divine feminine" is the shape, the obvious, the apparent, that which allowed itself to receive shape. if these simple statements of fact and opinion are already offensive to you, feel free to offend back, i really couldn't care less.

    in the realm of shape, the realm of matter, human males appear to be more or less mere exteranlizations of human-female reproductive organs: a man cannot give birth. one man is enough to fertilize thousands of women. reproductively an egg, is billions if not thousands of billions of times more valuable than a spermium. also i have the impression that a newly conceived fetus is originally female and only after the mother and the daughter have decided that she should become a male will she become a male - feel free to disagree about the "deciding" part, you've got "science" on your side, so just be happy that you're "of course" right - i won't discuss this in this sense - but do let me know if biologically a fetus does not start off female before being modified~/modifying itself to become male in ~50% of the cases.

    what i want to get at here is that from a "higher" point of view biological life itself is already female and the fact that men cannot give birth seems to expressively underline this for even and especially the human realm. i think i could reconcile some hurt feminist feelings here, at least with those who were willing to take the "heat" so far; those who weren't... sorry, not sorry - you saved yourself some trouble anyway, because we aren't finished yet (this warning goes out to more than just the pseudo-feminists - it goes out to all anti-human pseudo-humanists. 😜).

    I could probably go on to no end about this, but to try and portray my understanding how something that is right on one can level can become something that appears as wrong on another level I only want to give one example: Justice.

    I don't know anything that extends further than my immediate, perceptible reality. But I can act as if I knew more and I frequently need to do so. This is called acting on faith and it is different from acting on belief. Belief is thinking (believing) to know something one cannot know. Faith is knowing one cannot know something but still acting on it as if it was knowledge because all alternatives would quite certainly be far worse. In this manner I'll say: I know divine justice exists. This means I do not need to concern myself with punishing others. I will punish you if you do me wrong and if I am certain that the punishment is appropriate. But I will not look for wrong-doings and wrong-doers outside my very own field of actual (non-faith) knowledge. This is the only way for me to make reasonably sure I am not acting unjustly myself. But a lot of people think differnt from me. They think there is no Justice per se. They think there _absolutely_ needs to be a justice system, even if they are perfectly aware that the justice system itself is _extremly_ unjust. And there (in my opinion) you already have it: Divine Justice seemingly expressing itself as "unjustice" on a lower level.

    And with that, back to modern/pseudo feminism and the other (un-)loaylties.

    What do I see when I see thousands of female feminists? I see female uncounscious ideologists, egoists, bigots, hypocrites. I see materialistically well off women who do "the in thing", they "fight" (yeah, well... you know...) for the right cause, that is apparently (of course?) "their very own" cause. And I see that very same thing everywhere: Women fighting the patriarchy, "real" Austrians fighting anything and anyone who could be a threat to "real" Austrians, non-white people fighting against racism, poor people fighting against "the exploiting class", people who are not sure if they prefer sex with women or men (or sure they are not "average" in this regard) fighting against whoever and whatever _they_ find annoying in this regard, etc., etc., the list is practically endless. And it is pointless. It is beyond stupid. Anyone who has made it a habit to walk past anyone sitting in the streets who needs food and ignore every one of them practically _every single time_ has already disqualified themselves from even entering a discussion of these matters, so I think 75% of anyone who wanted to object to anything I wrote in this paragraph can already stfu. And if you're really honest with yourself, I think you could find a way to expand these 75% in a way that would also disqualify you from discussing these matters. If course I could do the same thing for myself, but I am already discussing them, so it's already too late. xD And I will add to the list in logical and meaningful way I am supposed to:
    Economically well situated white men whining about post-modernism, wokeism and the war on masculinity. Nice, with that I'm now actually back on track. xD

    Dear "feminists", you appear to be very concerned with the "divine feminine", yet you absolutely seem to fail to see that the "divine feminine" and the "divine masculine" are really more the "the very same thing" rather than actual polarities. These polarities make sense when viewed across levels, but the divine order is one of perfection and above our realm the "divine feminine" and the "divine masculine" are so perfectly aligned YOU certainly can't tell them apart no matter how badly you actually tried or wanted to. Do _not_ conern yourself with the divine feminine. The divine feminine is perfectly capable of taking divine care of itself - it doesn't appear to have the slightest problem with its divine partner, the divine masculine. If you are that concerned about the woes of "the patriarchy", I'd suggest primarily concering yourself with the _corruptedness of the "divine masculine"_. To do that it is not appropriate to leash out on anything that "even a strong woman, well resting in her divine femininity couldn't possibly consider anything less than "toxic masculinity" of the most alarming of proportions". First and foremost, _please_ consider how you've allowed your divine human nature and lovingness to become corrupted into the desire to actively participate in an ideological fight of truly epic proportions. To really learn about corrupted/toxic masculinity, you first and foremost _need_ to take it into consideration in yourself, not in strangers on the internet or in institutions or in poorly-if-at-all-defined systems of whatever sort or in others "all around you". Simply observe how you and your interactions in your actual relationships could have benefitted from you yourself acting less egoistic, less commanding, less expectation-focussed, from acting more from a mindset of "allowing things to happen" the way they want to, rather than the way you/"_I_" wanted them to happen and needed to "force them" to happen. Allow yourself to see how _you wanting to (!)shape your world_, you as a mortal man or woman wanting to assume the right of the divine masculine has led to corruption and poisoning of your very own relationships. This is true feminism. Nothing else, at least for as long as this most basic form of actual, real feminsim hasn't been somewhat mastered and understood.

    Come at me bros. xD